Better Products through Electronics Development

Do you know how your lines of products work? Your company may have designed these items decades ago, but the people who were involved in their design are no longer around. You may have a large piece of faulty industrial equipment on location that needs repairs, but it is too big to be moved. At Honortronics, we provide on-site services according to your needs. From product research to electronics development, we make your devices fully operational.

Electronic Component


Whether your design is on a paper napkin or has a BOM and net-list awaiting PCB layout, we can help make your product a reality. The process starts with you explaining the type of product you need so that we can offer you the proper support.


Our consultants will also help whether you have a new idea and want input on feasibility or you just need to tweak the electronics to complete your project. We assist you with research and development or R&D. Through assessment, we determine if you have a problem with a product. If we find an issue, we figure out how to correct it so that you can move forward. Additionally, we have assisted patent research to determine if a certain product can be patented or if there are infringement issues.


If a product or piece of equipment is broken, we can probably fix it. Find out what Honortronics can do for you. The following are the results of a bonding test we conducted.